Routes to success

Routes to success

Smart Resources is an experienced, highly skilled specialist when it comes to process engineering and optimising company operations. Four key areas need to be considered: leadership, market, productivity and success.


Every company, every project and every action requires effective leadership – and that is something which should not be left to chance. It is extremely important that precise objectives are defined, clearly communicated, understood, implemented and measured. This is where the capability needs to be enhanced to motivate everyone involved in the entire value chain and to mutually improve not only the company’s added value but also the benefit for the customer.


In order to generate the necessary revenue and growth, we need differentiated customer benefit that exceeds the added value expected by the customer.
This is where the right products and services need to be sold to the right customers in the right markets.


Productivity is the ratio between output and effort, so productivity equals output minus input. Here it is important to understand the efficiency levers and how to control them in the most effective way.
If CIP measures are consistently implemented, a 10 – 30 per cent increase in production output is a realistic target.

Economic success

In the commercial world of today, success is usually equated with the amount of net profit and its growth.
The key to success is knowing and understanding where and why money is earned in which fields – and where it is not. This is assuming that efficient financial controlling is in place, which therefore ensures the transparency required for effective operating management.