Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency

The ratio between benefit and the consumption of resources during the production, use and disposal of a product. In most cases we merely attempt to optimise money as a resource.

Is that sufficient for sustainable growth?

Today’s resources are not sufficient for the sustainable growth of our society. If an additional 20 per cent of the world’s population achieve a living standard similar to that of the USA, we will soon find ourselves running out of resources. For that reason, these days it is important to understand resource efficiency, to analyse it and to take measures to improve it.

Resource input

Which quantity of resources is needed to create a product or service in terms of energy, raw materials, other working supplies, money, personnel, etc?

Resource output

Which quantity of resources is generated when creating a product or service in the form of residues (emissions, recyclables and wastes)?

Resource consumption

Which quantity of resources is consumed in the course of using the product or service?

Companies and organisations that think about their resource efficiency today and do their best to optimise it will continue to improve their level of sustainability, positively differentiate their customer benefit and cut costs at the same time.