Smart Resources GmbH

Smart Resources GmbH is an independent company based in Stans, Switzerland that specialises in environmental engineering. Smart Resources also owns smartREC GmbH, which is responsible for implementing recycling, waste treatment and disposal projects.

The company specialises in the following fields of expertise:

  • The planning, management, and implementation of recycling and waste treatment and disposal projects
  • The decommissioning of military installations, the sale of surplus material, the recycling of valuable material and proper waste treatment
  • The establishing, converting and optimising of systems for recycling used electrical and electronic equipment
  • Consulting and assistance in the following fields:

    • Operational optimisation, coaching for management and boards of directors
    • Projects such as CIP (Continual Improvement Processes), operating and plant optimisations, repositioning and turnaround projects as well as interim management
    • Assisting authorities in the preparing, implementing, and deploying of new regulations and directives
    • Development of new markets and customer relationships